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The Providence Group has established training academies in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands and offers a Mobile Training Team internationally.

Offering a wide spectrum of Intelligence Training courses and packages that are supplied by Providence UK (in the United Kingdom), Providence Europe (in the Netherlands) and Providence Global (internationally). The purpose of training provided is to enhance the intelligence gathering skill sets and capabilities of our government clients and to introduce those government clients to the very latest advances in intelligence training, techniques and technology applicable to each of our government clients’ specific requirements. Course duration can last from one day through to up to twelve months, depending on the needs and circumstances of the client.

Our Intelligence Training Teams have the ability to deliver fully structured intelligence training solutions incorporating the world’s leading technical equipment for use in the intelligence industry. This is delivered internationally by the Providence Global Mobile Training Team or at the Providence Group’s discreet purpose-built training facilities in rural Herefordshire in the United Kingdom and in urban Haarlem in the Netherlands; offering our government clients both urban and rural locations for Intelligence Training that are specially adapted for fully immersive and realistic interactive practice scenarios.

Some of the Intelligence Training and skills which the Providence Group can provide tuition in are listed below (please note that due to the sensitive nature of some of the training content, not all of our courses can be publicly displayed and this list is therefore non-exhaustive):

  • Covert Foot and Mobile Surveillance
  • Advanced Target Reconnaissance (including close target reconnaissance)
  • Conduct on Target
  • Covert Audio and CCTV Installation
  • Covert Method of Entry
  • Tag Track and Locate
  • Mimicry and Concealment
  • Technical Skills (including trigger and queue)
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (“COTS”) Equipment Utilisation and Deployment
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Advanced Communications (including signal intelligence)
  • Tactical Intelligence

All aforementioned courses are designed to work alongside our range of Covert Surveillance and Technical Surveillance equipment and products which can also be supplied to our government clients as required. All training packages are custom-made by our dedicated team of specialists to meet specific customer requirements.

The Providence Group instructors and specialists have been carefully selected not only for their significant experience in the field in working as part of government, defence and law enforcement agencies (the very clients they will be training) but also for their ability to work as skilled, professional tutors. We firmly believe that each member of our training team offers a globally unparalleled learning experience in the various disciplines of covert intelligence gathering.

In all of our Intelligence Training courses and packages the Providence Group take great care to respect international training standards and procedural protocols. All courses are created so that the intended learning outcomes are delivered against an operational context. Our instructors possess unrivalled knowledge and experience to ensure that tuition is realistic and specifically customised to meet the individual requirements of each of our government clients.


The Providence Group also offers government, defence and law enforcement agencies a tailor-made consultancy service that is based on skilful listening, unbiased evaluation and the incorporation of our unique training methods. Consultancy can be supplied in-person at either our discreet specialist training facilities in the United Kingdom or in the Netherlands or at a location of our client’s choice which our globally deployable Mobile Training Team can travel to. All consultants possess unrivalled experience to make certain that consultancy and tuition is realistic, fit for purpose and specifically customised to meet individual client requirements.

In all of our Intelligence Consultancy services offered to our government clients the Providence Group take great care to respect international training standards and procedural protocols.

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