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Providence offer specialist Counter Terrorism Equipment via CTS and Tac-Up (Providence Group Companies) to government, defence and law enforcement agencies.

The Providence Group is able to offer specialist Counter Terrorism Equipment to our government clients which includes equipment provided by CTS which is sourced, tested and (where required) modified to suit client needs. The Providence Group also offers our own proprietary specialist Tactical Counter Terrorism Equipment produced and supplied to our government clients by Tac-Up, a Providence Group company. We pride ourselves on a cost effective procurement chain and as our global reach expands it allows us to provide a better value service for our clients. Product groups that we offer include:

For all of our products and equipment, the Providence Group adds multiple layers of value by providing consultancy, technical support and excellent customer support and assistance that guarantees client satisfaction and usability of the equipment provided to our government clients regardless of the background, experience or skillset of the end users.

Due to the sensitive nature of our equipment further details can be supplied upon request.

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