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Our mission is to provide our international clients with discreet and cutting edge equipment, training and consultancy services which significantly enhance our clients' intelligence acquisition and counter terrorism capabilities.


Providence Intelligence Through Foresight (ITF) is a firm with global reach that concentrates on providing a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy, training and products within covert surveillance.

We strive to be the most dynamic and innovative company within our market. At Providence, agility is key to outperforming our competitors and ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality and most affordable service.

We are experts in our niche field and possess an organic capability and breadth of experience which is unrivalled by our competitors. Our responsive management, direct approach and tactile understanding of our clients allow us to focus effectively and as a team on the issues that matter. We deliver results through unbiased consultancy, joint understanding, mutual respect and unique training.

Technology is always changing rapidly and the Intelligence and Counter Terrorism equipment industries are constantly striving to improve to meet the ever-evolving threats that governments face today. The Providence Group of companies has developed a variety of unique services, training courses and equipment packages that enables our company to embrace these advancements and make sure that our government clients are at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

Please note that Providence Group only offer their services to Allied Government, Defence and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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